3 Contoured Dark Blue Small Print Double Cotton Masks, 'Deep Blue Serenity'

Made By Ully, Indonesia

These masks are for protecting yourself in style!

Product Description

Navy blue gives these cotton print face masks a business-like look. Crafted by Ully, each features crisscross elastic to stretch around the head for all-day wear. All three are double-layered and are both washable and reusable, with an opening so you may insert a protective layer of tissue or paper towels.

Product Details & Sizing

Tumble dry on low heat

Colors and/or color placement may vary

Machine wash with like colors

Use no longer than 8 hours before washing

Non-medical grade

Materials: 100% cotton

Meet the artisan Elise teamed up with

Ully, Indonesia

Elise, CEO

Meet the Boss

I started this business as a summer project. I wanted a summer job, but because of COVID-19 couldn’t do things like babysit. Mighty is a fun way to make money and learn about running a business. When you make a purchase, I get a share of the money, but most of it goes to the artists in developing countries, who hand made the products.