Wool Felt and Cotton Halloween Bunting from India, 'Happy Halloween'

Made By Pooja Arora, India

This is a seasonal Halloween banner. It will only be available until October 31!

Product Description

Against polka-dotted triangles of black and white cotton, wool felt circles read "HAPPY HALLOWEEN." Indian artisan Pooja Arora creates this whimsical addition to your Halloween decor, featuring small orange baubles that alternate with the triangular bunting.

Product Details & Sizing

Hand-crafted item -- color, size and/or motif may vary slightly

Materials: Wool felt on 100% cotton, polyfill, cotton cord

Meet the artisan Elise teamed up with

Pooja Arora, India

“Hi friends! I am Pooja Arora from the capital city of India, Delhi. I was born in 1983. I am very hardworking, dedicated and passionate about art.

“Since my childhood days, I was fascinated by the beauty of fabric and beaded ornaments. I was very keen to know about their making. It amazes me to think how tiny beads and pieces of fabric can create fabulous ornaments. In one word, I was very keen to know all about arts and crafts.

“Initially I started with creating beaded necklaces as a hobby, and then as a gift for friends and family. I decided to learn how to make beaded ornaments and fabric ornaments by watching Youtube videos and presentations. After my graduation, I started working for a local market retailer who would provide me with designs and beads to make necklaces and garlands.

“Bright, dazzling and colorful beads always fascinated me, and I was happy with my work; but the real twist in my life came after my marriage. My husband is my mentor, without whose support I would not be what I am today. My husband worked for an export company which exported ornaments and other decorative products.

“After our marriage, when he came to know about my interest in arts and crafts, he offered to teach me designing and crafting of ornaments, about the use of different shapes and patterns. This was a great feeling of achievement for me. He taught me the use of different patterns and shapes in ornaments according to different themes.

“As I always wanted to do something of my own, with my husband’s support, I decided to take this up as a profession. My husband decided to leave his job and work with me. It was a big challenge, but today I am proud to say that we are doing well. We have started a small workshop of our own, and presently we have a team of nine members who work with us. My husband taught most of the team members how to craft the ornaments. Along with the other team members, both my husband and I do the crafting work.

“My favorite thing about this craft is to give shape to the fabric ornaments. We design and craft each ornament out of felt fabric. Each piece is stuffed with polyfill to give it the right shape and size. We create felt ornaments, garlands and buntings for every occasion, like Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Easter, etc.

“It’s so beautiful to be able to achieve your goal and do what you want in life. Working with us gives our team members the opportunity for employment and financial stability.

“My dream is to grow in life and provide financial stability to my family. I am thankful to NOVICA for providing me a platform to showcase my art to the entire world. Hopefully people will like our range of products.”

Elise, CEO

Meet the Boss

I started this business as a summer project. I wanted a summer job, but because of COVID-19 couldn’t do things like babysit. Mighty is a fun way to make money and learn about running a business. When you make a purchase, I get a share of the money, but most of it goes to the artists in developing countries, who hand made the products.