1 Grey-1 White-1 Grey Beaded Lace Balinese Face Masks, 'Island Fashion'

Made By Desak Nyoman Parwati, Indonesia

These masks are for protecting yourself in style!

Product Description

By Desak Nyoman Parwati, three elegant rayon face masks are covered with lace. A favorite with fashionable Balinese women, lace is the fabric of choice for the kebaya, a short jacket worn over a top. Beadwork and embroidery, all applied by hand, add a touch of feminine glamour. Contoured for comfort, the double-layer set features one in white, one in black and one in neutral grey. They are washable and reusable, and have elastic to loop over the ears.

Placement of the lace motifs can vary but the fabric will be the same.

Product Details & Sizing

Dry in the shade

Hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle

Colors and/or color placement may vary

Use no longer than 8 hours before washing

Non-medical grade

Materials: 100% rayon, plastic beads

Meet the artisan Elise teamed up with

Desak Nyoman Parwati, Indonesia

My name is Desak Nyoman Parwati and I was born in Bali on October 3 1972. I learned how to make batik from Desak Putu Nithi, in 1989. When I worked with her, she taught me many things about textiles and hand-painting batik. The thing I like about her is her dedication to her work and her concern for the people working with her. On March 5, 2000, I started my own art workshop.

I create various kind of dresses from hand-painting batik textiles. I get the inspiration from the model magazines. I take some designs I like from magazines and adapt them to the Indonesian culture. I work with rayon, cotton, linen, and crinkle cloth to make the dresses. For the coloring I use sulfur and remasol color.

"I have built my career step by step. I started by asking my neighbors to come to my place to look at my collection and place orders if they like it. Now, there's so much to do I need the help of several assistants! High thanks to what Novica is doing in promoting artists to the whole world, especially artists from Bali."

Elise, CEO

Meet the Boss

I started this business as a summer project. I wanted a summer job, but because of COVID-19 couldn’t do things like babysit. Mighty is a fun way to make money and learn about running a business. When you make a purchase, I get a share of the money, but most of it goes to the artists in developing countries, who hand made the products.