Golden Apparel - Mighty

Welcome to Elise‘s Mighty Business

Golden Apparel sells clothes and face masks. We also have seasonal items like Halloween earrings.

Elise, CEO

Meet the Boss

I started this business as a summer project. I wanted a summer job, but because of COVID-19 couldn’t do things like babysit. Mighty is a fun way to make money and learn about running a business. When you make a purchase, I get a share of the money, but most of it goes to the artists in developing countries, who hand made the products.

Mighty Artisans

Talent is universal but opportunity is not, and this shop is set out to address that challenge by connecting you with the artisans that make our goods from around the globe.

Our products are ethically sourced and shipped by a company called Novica. Novica is co-owned by National Geographic Ventures, the investment arm of the National Geographic Society.

Made Suciati


Women Artisans of Chichicastenango




Celinda Jaco